One whole cow with bones! First in Japan! Dry aged beef that is aged for more than 45 days.
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熟成肉専門 DRY AGING BEEF Specializing in Japanese Black Beef Fujiya

The first restaurant made in 1970, 26.4 square meters
This restaurant has increased the hospitality of "Tajimaya" by constantly innovating its service, such as installing a beer server for each table.
Specializing in Japanese Black Beef Fujiya

Address 〒564-0004
Hara-cho 4-6-16, Suita-shi, Osaka
Access Access: JR Suita station, 18 min by foot
JR Kyoto Line Kishibe station, 13 min by foot
Parking available, free of charge, 16 vehicles
Telephone number 06-6330-1129
Business Hours Monday through Saturday

Sundays and Holidays
Days Closed Open Every Day
Total number of seats available 62
Maximum number of people for banquets 20 (when seated)
Reservation Reservations for a party of two or more
※Reservations can be made over the phone
There may be a large number of people coming to the restaurant, so we ask that you stay for a maximum of two hours.
(First in Japan) A whole cow dry aged with its bones! At this restaurant you can eat 45-day dry aged beef.
Wasabi to go with thigh meat!
It brings out the meat's underlying sweetness.
If you want steak, have a sirloin, meat of splendid quality! The ultimate diaphragm chateaubriand!
Premium Skirt Steak
Quality level A5, Tajima beef's lineage has been chosen by an expert Rare steak, thigh meat, beef tartare style Ultimate tongue root. The mustard soy sauce is excellent!
We have an array of offal made possible by getting fresh ingredients for supplies. Fried front ribs with grated Japanese radish.
Be sure to spread out your grated radish!
Meat that connects from the rump to the butt, soft and juicy!
Figure Sliced Sirloin Standard Yakiniku Menu
Dry Aged Beef Ribs
The chief cook will choose the recommended meats of the day and make an assortment.
Healthy Yakiniku with Vegetables.
Fujiya Salad
The sommelier will propose a wine to go with your meat.